I’ve been seeing some May challenge proposals all over the place, but only for physical health. May I present to you:

The May Mental Health Challenge

SADNESS: Write down something good about your day everyday in a notebook, no matter how small. It can be something that made you smile, something that someone did, something you thought about, whatever. The point is to force yourself to focus on the positive. 

ANXIETY: Talk to someone new at least once a week. Maybe it’s that cute guy/girl you’ve been sitting next to all year in science class. Maybe it’s the girl with the interesting accent you want to know more about. The point is to force yourself to meet someone new. 

BOREDOM: Learn something new. This could take all month and be anything. Perhaps you’re going to pick up sign language or learn to knit. The point is to learn something, anything, that you have no prior experience with. 

SELF CONSCIOUSNESS: Choose one day a week to pretend like you *are* the best person you can be. Walk with confidence, talk with others, dress to impress. The point is the exude self confidence despite how you’re feeling. 

ANGER: They say anger is like swallowing poison and expecting others to deteriorate. For the month, let something go. Perhaps you still hold a gruge against your best friend for not attending last year’s birthday party. Perhaps you’re angry at a teacher for not passing your last paper. The point is to forgive someone for something that’s eating at you. 

HAPPINESS: Tell one person a week that they’re beautiful. A random stranger, a close friend, your mom- it doesn’t matter. The point is to put a contagious smile on someone’s face. 

KINDNESS: Commit one random act of kindness a week. Perhaps you might buy someone their gallon of milk. Perhaps you volunteer. The point is to do something for someone else without any benefit to yourself. 

I’ll be doing all of these, but feel free to pick one or two that you feel you need to work on. Happy May <3